The Renovation

Finally in 2008, permission was granted to renovate the chapel into a 5 bedroom dwelling; the work was carried out by local skilled workers and the proprietor. Care was taken to recycle the amazing woodwork that made up a large part of the chapel.

The pews have been handcrafted into fascia, window sills and kitchen cornices. For the front windows, pews have been made into shutters. Two of the windows have been re-used as garden gates - a strong and lovely feature!

All of the exterior has been left original, apart from the windows which had to be replaced with PVC - however, they all remain arched. At the back of the chapel, 3 new windows have been installed, along with french doors and decking which leads to the back of the chapel overlooking River Twrch.

With regards the interior, the beams have been stripped of their layers of paint, and the ceiling removed to expose the original beams within the vaulted ceiling. The vestibule remains exactly as it was which provides an excellent place for coats, boots, etc. POSI joists were installed to create the first floor; these were lifted in manually by the proprietor, brother and her friend. The whole of the work finally came to completion during April 2010. During February 2010, it was graded 4 star by Visit Wales.